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Have you ever dreamed of racing?

Welcome to our website where we offer YOU a way to race without buying an expensive race car! And no, you don’t need to have any experience, we’ll lead you all the way to the podium!

Great experience at a fraction of the cost!

About 325cup

325cup is a professional mono-class series which means that everybody competes against each other in the same type of vehicle and engines.

These series let the drivers feel the best racing experience without spending tremendous amounts of money, allowing them to achieve better skills at driving on a racetrack.

One stop shop for racing


We offer the full package of taking care of the car which relieves the drivers from all the headache of taking care of their car. We tell where and when to appear on the track.

We offer:

  • Racecar building;
  • Racecar maintenance in the workshop and during an event;
  • Coaching programme;
  • Event organising;
  • Logistics solutions;

We will basically babysit you through the whole process.

From zero to apex predator

Coaching programme

We believe that hard work and training pays off and there is no shortcuts. Even if you are a beginner behind a wheel who is eager to learn more or a professional who wants to get his skills better we offer everything from the basic concepts of navigating the track to data analysing of the vehicles and drivers performance.

Also you can measure up against our professional drivers having some healthy rivalry.


These are the tracks that we’re competing and training in!

Nemuno žiedas Lithuania

The green hell of Lithuania lets you experience drastic terrain changes.

The track is 3,3 kilometers in length average 325cup laptime is 1:24,0
There is no space for mistakes on this son of a b@$&*.

Biķernieku Trase Latvia

This Latvian track is the middle ground between the other two baltic state tracks. It features low and high speed corners.

The length for this beautiful track is 3,6 kilometers. Average time for a 325cup racecar is 1:36,0.

Porsche Ring Estonia

The closest track to the sea and the most modern one in the Baltics is located in Pärnu. It features best asphalt, safety zones, rentable pitboxes that hide you from the weather, great view for viewers because of its flat terrain. Even though it is not that interesting it forgives most of the mistakes made by the drivers hence it is great for beginners to gather their first kilometers on the track. The length is 3,2 kilometers. Average time for a 325cup racecar is 1:32,0.

Baltic touring car championship

Racing series/events

BaTCC is one of the leading organisers in Baltic States with a great infrastructure for teams and drivers.

The eligible series for 325cup car are:

  • Sprint cup (consists of two ~10 lap races (30+ opponents))
  • 2h Endurance race (race time — 2 hours consisting of one or two drivers)
  • 4h Endurance race (race time — 4 hours consisting of two or up to four drivers)
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BMW 325cup model

Quality checks Great build quality Zero compromises on parts


Professionally welded rollcages keep you safe in an event of a crash and 6-point safety harness keep you protected from any injuries.


AIM SOLO 2DL data gathering of the vehicle and driver performance.


2.5 litre stock BMW E9X engine that is mandatory for the 325cup.

It doesn't hurt to ask!

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